Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Living your Five...

This post isn't a review... It is a post to inform you of a wonderful movement called Living Your Five. It is run by Kay Cassidy(YA author of soon to be released Cinderella Society) with help by Tera Lynn Childs (YA author of Oh.My.Gods. and Goddess Boot camp), Alyson Noel, (YA author of Evermore and Blue Moon), Becca Fitzpatrick (Ya author of Hush Hush) and last but certainly not least YOU. Yes you...

Here is an excert from the website:
Introducing our Five... with YA author Kay Cassidy
This is so exciting! Not just because it's been months in the making and we've finally launched, but because I get to launch this fun adventure with Tera, Alyson, and Becca. Friends really do make the world go 'round.I mentioned yesterday that I created my Five as a way to help me remember what matters most when life gets chaotic. But it's also a way for me to remember what to focus on when life isn't crazy. When I've got a bit of free time, how should I spend it? A quick run-down of my Five is a great place to start!As you'll see this week, the four of us have a lot in common. Some of our Fives will even overlap a bit, and that's awesome! Your Five doesn't have to be different than everyone else's. There are lots of people who share the same passions about how to make a difference. In fact, when those like-minds get together, amazing things can happen!

Be part of the Living your Five Movement!!!

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